Charming the World, One Glass at a Time...

Wine, like life, is what you make of it. So much more than just a fermented bunch of grapes, wine, itself, was invented by the gods to give us pleasure; aroma, taste, texture…a veritable host of worldly sensations, all designed to surprise and delight the human spirit. When properly enjoyed, a good wine is a total sensory experience, and should be duly appreciated – nay, worshipped – as such.

It is in this spirit of pure and simple enjoyment of life’s finer pleasures that Woodsy Wino now graces our once bland and colorless existence. It’s true that she remains a great mystery, and probably always will – she does not seek accolades, but rather wishes simply to spread joy among the people. It’s also true, however, that she brings us great gifts – gifts of joy and child-like wonder. Gifts of magical wine charms and accessories to complete the total wine experience – to complete the gods’ original mission…to make us happy.

For if wine, indeed, was created to engulf all of our sensory faculties, then exterior aesthetics are just as important as nose, bouquet, mouthfeel, finish… Wine is art. Art is life. Hence…
It is in this very spirit that each and every Woodsy Wino wine glass charm and wine accessory is lovingly and thoughtfully created – by hand – with respect and adoration to the wine, itself, and also to the unique beauty of the imbiber (aka YOU).

Peace, love, and wine…Here’s to life!


Woodsy Wino

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